Phishing and Malware Protection

Email is the most commonly used attack vector for an organization. Sophos Email protects against phishing and malicious attachments by scanning emails and attachments together in context, allowing us to detect and block content and technologies commonly used by malware writers, including those containing ransomware.

  • Intercept suspicious email content and URLs
  • Block infected email attachments
  • Provide “Spoof” alerts direct to the user’s inbox
  • Create multiple lines or defense, including employee training through Sophos Central

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Cloud Email Security

Spam Filtering

Powered by SophosLabs global network, updates for the latest threats are fed live to Sophos Email, ensuring your Sophos email gateway won’t miss any of the thousands of new threats discovered every hour. Our reputation filtering blocks over 99% of spam at the gateway and our anti-spam engine catches the rest, including the latest phishing attacks.

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Simple to Move

We know moving platforms and providers can be a hassle. That’s why Sophos Email’s security filters work seamlessly with a comprehensive range of email services to provide advanced protection, including Google G Suite, Microsoft Exchange 2003+, and Microsoft Office 365, allowing you to scale up user numbers as and when you need.

  • Deployment requires a simple MX record change to route email through Sophos Central
  • Simply bring in users and their mailboxes with our handy AD Sync or Azure AD Sync tool
  • Pre-set policies reduce complexity, improve setup times, and increase policy adoption
  • Say goodbye to patching – new features are added seamlessly in Sophos Central
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Secure Office 365

Shifting your email to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud doesn’t mean you have to reduce your security. Securing your email server or service with Sophos Email ensures you get trusted email security, powered by the SophosLabs global network. And you get the reassurance of continuity in the event of disruption to Microsoft services.

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Email Security Features

  • Manage everything from one panel, reducing complexity and increasing adoption
  • Identify and block the thousands of new threats found each hour with live threat protection from SophosLabs
  • Protect against service outages with automatic email spooling and the emergency inbox, keeping teams connected and productive
  • Simple, fast setup with domain, group, and user synchronization
  • Priced per user with bands from 5 to 5000+, our single license is simple while being packed with features
  • Also works seamlessly Microsoft Exchange 2003+ and Google G Suite – and any service where you control the domain’s MX record
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Email Security Information

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