For many businesses having employees work from home or remotely is becoming the new normal in the aftermath of COVID-19.

What does that mean for today’s businesses faced with supporting a shift to remote work?

There are many benefits of enabling a remote workforce, including:

  • Lower costs and improved productivity
  • Increased cash flow
  • Leverage part-time workers
  • Better alignment with employees
  • Less overhead
  • Access to a larger talent pool

There are also several challenges organizations face in supporting a work-from-home program, including:

  • Technology challenges
  • Lack of face-to-face supervision
  • Lack of access to information
  • Social isolation
  • Distractions at home
  • Difficulty of managing remote employees

To overcome these challenges, as well as to gain the benefits from a working from home workforce, Advanced Technology Group (“ATG”) has created 3 simple and easy to implement packages to enable any business to deploy and support remote employees.

Our solutions include the most important components of having remote employees work productively, such as IP Phones and Unified Communications, Audio and Video Conferencing, Secure and Reliable Data access to company data, antivirus and malware protection options combined with 24/7 proactive technical support and management.

Whether your business provides your remote employees with company-owned laptops or desktop computers or have employees use their own devices (such as their personal laptops) to work from home, Advanced Technology Group can provide a highly secure and reliable setup and support.

Listed below the 3 package options from Advanced Technology Group that meets the simplest to the most complex requirements:

Our sales engineers can provide a detailed assessment of your current environment and provide a detailed plan to implement these remote working tools.

Depending on your company’s applications and the location of your critical systems and data, one of ATG’s package options will surely address the unique requirements of your business. We can also provide further customization of the packages to meet your company’s specific needs and requirements.

In addition, ATG can also provide custom integration services to popular cloud-based applications, such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Zoho, Microsoft Teams and many others.

Please contact us to learn more and to schedule a detailed discussion of your requirements.


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