Managed Desktops and Servers

Next-Gen Operations

Desktops and servers are the lifeblood of today’s modern business and the 24×7 availability of these systems that are supporting your employees and line-of-business applications makes their uptime of paramount concern.

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Managed Desktop and Server Key Features

Managed Desktops and Servers

Monitoring and Remediation

ATRG maximizes the performance and uptime of your critical workstations and servers to help avoid interruption of your business. Our automated monitoring and alerting proactively notifies our network operations center (NOC) engineers allowing us to take prompt action and remediate them before they become a major issue.

Managed Desktops and Servers

Patch Management

As a managed desktop and server customer you will receive the benefit of our prompt deployment of Microsoft OS and 3rd party application patches as we eliminate the latest security vulnerabilities that might otherwise expose your systems to malicious compromise or sensitive data loss.

Managed Desktops and Servers

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

Our included anti-virus and anti-malware suite is designed to employ the most advanced safeguards against known, as well as unknown, viruses and malware. Our NOC engineers ensure that these desktop and server agents are up-to-date and are continuously protecting your computers around the clock.

Managed Desktops and Servers

Performance Metrics and Hardware-Based Alerts

To ensure optimal performance of your computer equipment our automated systems monitor key resource metrics such as memory, disk and processor utilization. Server services and Windows event logs can be monitored for specific events and can trigger immediate alerts that notify our NOC of an application or Windows service which might require prompt attention or corrective action.


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