Managed Voice

Unified Communications on Any Device, from Anywhere, Anytime.

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Cloud Voice

Business is transacted wherever you are. At home, in the car, at a remote site: whenever your customer needs to reach you, your business must be there to answer their call. With VocalOne, our integrated softphone client, you can enjoy enterprise-grade call quality and full-featured phone functionality from any iOS, Android, or Windows PC platform. Keep your remote offices connected with inter-location direct extension dialing, seamless call pickup, and sophisticated remote office solutions.

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Our Managed Voice solution is powered by Vocal IP, an industry leading unified communcations provider. With best-in-class digital communications solutions your business will be light-years ahead of the competition.

Your Phones Should Just Work

Reliability and Quality of Service (QoS) are built directly into every signal that crosses our networks. From Vocal IP’s ironclad SLA and fully redundant nationwide MPLS network to our constant traffic monitoring to head off potential problems long before they actually surface, we ensure that the dependability of your VoIP service is never in question.

Bundle your VoIP with our IP Mesh MPLS/SD-WAN offering, and get a guaranteed, best-of-breed Quality of Service with your existing internet connection. Find out how!

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Complete Control Made Simple

When you need to make an add or change to your phone system, you need it to happen now. That’s why we created [MyVocal], an easy-to-use Web-based control panel that makes managing your phones as easy as checking your email.

MyVocal enables you to manage your users and calling features – including auto attendants, hunt groups, voice mailboxes, extensions, forwarding rules, license inventory, and much more – from a single intuitive dashboard. Best of all, MyVocal also provides full administrative visibility to your call records and other critical performance and cost data.

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Stand Strong Against Data Outlaws

In this globally interconnected age, a secure business is a strong business. Cut your risks of data compromise with a phone platform specifically designed for security and resilience.

Vocal IP offers secure PCI and HIPAA-compliant phone systems, utilizing the most advanced encryption and fraud protection safeguards in today’s marketplace. Our platform has been designed from the ground up for high security and regulatory compliance, giving us a data privacy pedigree that has made Vocal IP an important technology partner for many healthcare and retail firms today.

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Top Tier Support. Fewer Headaches

At Vocal IP, our customer care extends well beyond the immediate tech support call. When you have a technical problem, we make sure that it is fixed fast, right, and with a minimum of headache.

Unlike other providers that field and qualify calls using customer service reps, all incoming Vocal IP support calls are handled by Tier 2 technicians in our US-based NOC (Network Operations Center). From start to finish, you will work directly with the experienced team working hard to solve the problem.

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