Every dollar a small business spends needs to have an immediate and quantifiable return. This is especially true for critical services such as I.T. support. If you are one of the millions of small businesses that depend upon your technology to keep your business running, proactive Managed IT Services will save you money, improve your efficiencies and reduce your downtime.

The Solution

With the advent of new monitoring tools and the ability to remotely deliver help desk services to small businesses all over the world, Managed IT Services Providers like Advanced Technology Group have developed proactive maintenance plans for their clients that maximize their uptime and reduce I.T. costs over time. By implementing newly available automated processes, systems can be patched and updated overnight without the need for onsite visits, or disrupting an organization’s work day.

In addition, remote help desk tools and the unique customizations we have done to this technology allow Advanced Technology Group the ability to react immediately and assist users when they experience day-to-day problems, without forcing them to wait for an on-site service call.

Forward-thinking Managed IT Services Providers, like Advanced Technology Group, are also implementing proactive remote Network Monitoring tools and services, which evaluate the performance of your critical systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and alert our engineers of potential issues before they become work-stopping problems for their clients.

What separates us from the average Managed IT Services provider is that we have leveraged over 25 years of networking and IT service management experience to create custom alerting, reporting and processes around the latest tools and technology available in the marketplace.

The Details

Implementing and receiving the benefit of these solutions is painless for you as a Small or Mid-Sized Business Owner/Manager, as Advanced Technology Group can begin delivering these cost-saving and efficiency-improving services soon after deploying our customized software agents on all of your managed equipment. These agents report device health, service pack and operating system patch levels, anti-virus and anti-spyware update information, and critical system log events back to the our network operations center (“NOC”) monitoring systems, allowing real-time analysis and proactive management to occur.

Specialized incident tracking systems manage the inbound alerts of problems reported by these monitoring agents as well as by the end-users themselves and are used to document all steps initiated for resolution. Our incident tracking system provides our technicians with a ready knowledge-base of event and IT documentation which grows over time, allowing swift resolution for issues on equipment or infrastructure that have been previously documented or worked upon.

The Benefits

These benefits from Managed IT Services enjoyed by the Small and mid-sized Business Owners are many, and include increased operational efficiency, the ability to reduce and control ones operating costs, and gaining access to Enterprise-level support at a fraction of cost of employing these skilled engineers.

In addition, the Small to Mid-Sized Business Owner can now focus their attention on running their businesses, and not their networks, and receive the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their network and critical equipment are being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.