Customer agrees not to use or allow the use of the Service to in any way transmit or post material that:(a) is prohibited by any law or regulation, or facilitates, or encourages the violation of any law or regulation; (b) disrupts third parties’ use of any services; (c) invades the privacy of third parties, or violates the intellectual property rights or other rights of Provider or any third party; (d) is abusive, profane, libelous, slanderous, obscene, threatening, misleading, harassing, discriminatory, or otherwise harmful or objectionable; (e) Customer will not allow or cause the transmission or propagation of any virus, worm or other harmful or disruptive component; (f) violate or tamper with the security of any computer equipment, network, or program; (g) constitute, facilitate, or encourage unsolicited commercial email or “spam”. Customer represents and covenants that any current or planned website connected to Internet by Provider’s circuits or hosted by Provider or its partners on Customer’s behalf (the “Hosted Website”) does not and will not violate these conditions of Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”).  If Customer violates these policies, after 14 days written notice to cure, Provider reserves the right to immediately suspend or disconnect service and charge all applicable termination fees.

  1. Customer shall be responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of any password the Customer obtains from Provider and for the consequences of any unauthorized use of Service(s) due to Customer’s failure to maintain confidentiality. If Customer has reason to believe that their account with Provider is no longer secure, Customer must promptly notify Provider’s customer service representative.  If the Customer shall allow any business associate use of the Provider’s Services, then the Customer shall be responsible for compliance with any service obligations or restrictions under this Agreement by any Customer of Customers or other third parties authorized by Customer to use the account, including but not limited to being fully liable to Provider for any charges or damages incurred as a result of such usage.
  2. All Provider’s usage plans are subject to “intended use” limitations which restrict uses such as spamming or virus distributing applications as well as any spying, network scanning or hacking tools and devices (hardware or software).
  3. Provider reserves the right to amend the AUP from time to time. Up to date AUP is available on Provider’s Website