Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

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As an IT manager or compliance officer, your job is never easy and these days the sheer complexity across your company’s network and its connected devices has grown exponentially. This often leads to frustration over limited resources, tight budgets and the users who take advantage of your company’s policies. Data these days is no longer stuck in servers or at the desktop – it’s migrated across a whole array of systems, smart devices and is located almost anywhere.

The Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business was developed by some of the world’s leading cyber security experts as a fully integrated, tiered endpoint platform designed to grow and scale as your business does. KESB comes in 3 tiers: Select, Advanced and Total, each with increasing levels of protection.

Which tier is right for your business?

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – SELECT

Powerful multi-layered cybersecurity system designed to protect businesses of any size on servers, laptops, workstations and mobile devices. KESB Select is a flexible, scalable, easy to use system powered by advanced big data threat intelligence, human expertise and state of the art machine learning. If you need to enforce IT policy and protect your company’s mobile workforce then the SELECT tier might be for you.

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Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – ADVANCED

The Advanced tier offers the additional features of either native or Bitlocker encryption for individual files, as well as full disks, providing your business with “best-of-breed” data protection. Also included is Kaspersky Systems Management capabilities which combine IT efficiency and advanced security features allowing administrators to:

  • Remotely deploy systems and install updates from the console
  • Create and store Windows system images
  • Track license usage with Software License Management
  • Set access policies for your users and guests
  • Endpoint vulnerability scanning with embedded automation tools to intelligently patch 3rd party applications and Windows operating systems
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Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – TOTAL

The KESB Total tier is a combination of the select and advanced tiers with enhanced mail, web and collaboration server protection capabilities. This solution is ideal for companies that require a more comprehensive security system for every level of their network.

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