Small to Mid-Sized businesses are being targeted by cyber-criminals

By April 11, 2016Feature 3

Cybercrime has a new and very lucrative: cyberheists. Their preferred target is Small to Mid-sized organization with hundreds of potential target victims for maliciously encrypting files and holding them for ransom, exposing customer PII or e-PHI databases, stealing corporate intellectual property or even worse, obtaining logon credentials to clear out personal or corporate bank accounts.

Eastern European cyber-criminals  have concocted sophisticated and highly specialized malware to carry out their crimes while avoiding detection by many of the leading AV and anti-malware solutions available. These small to medium (SMB) organizations are the favorite target for the well organized cyber criminals as the staff in these companies frequently  lack the technical sophistication and security awareness training of their counterparts in larger Fortune 500 companies and above.

Cybercrime has a new and very profitable racket: cyberheists. Their preferred target is Small and Medium Enterprise and there are hundreds of victims with either all their files encrypted and held hostage by ransomware, exposed customer databases, stolen intellectual property or worse, emptied corporate bank accounts. Eastern European cyber mafias use specialized malware for their crimes which does not get detected by antivirus. Small and medium organizations are the favorite target for organized cybercrime as they often lack the sophistication and knowledge of the Fortune 1000 to prevent cyber attacks. Something can be done about it though!Advanced Technology Group can now help you and your team to both prepare for and combat the threat of a cyber attack by taking advantage of a comprehensive suite of tools customized to the unique requirements of your organization:

Our recent partnership with Knowbe4 brings to our valued clients numerous benefits including:

Baseline Testing

We provide baseline testing to assess the Phish-prone percentage of your users through a simulated phishing, vishing or smishing attack. Test our platform yourself for 30 days.

Train Your Users

On-demand, interactive, engaging, auto-enroll training modules covering all important topics. Automated training campaigns with scheduled reminder emails.

Phish Your Users

Fully automated simulated phishing, vishing and smishing attacks, hundreds of templates with unlimited usage, and community phishing templates. USB attacks coming soon.

See The Results

Enterprise-strength reporting. Both high-level and granular stats and graphs ready for management reports. We even have a personal timeline for each user.

Why not find out how your organization and its staff can benefit from this extensive library of security awareness tools and training focused on prevention and protection against the modern threats of today’s relentless cyber criminals.

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