The competitive environment within which you operate places increasing demands on your IT-enabled business to both innovate and operate at an ever-quickening pace. Add to that the challenges of a sometimes inadequate budget and a “do-more-with-less” staffing mindset, IT managers are often left feeling overwhelmed in their role as an overseer or enabler of technology. Rest assured that you are not alone in feeling this way as IT professionals in many industries, such as those in financial services and healthcare, feel the constant pressures of regulatory and compliance oversight and wonder how they too can possibly address all of the challenges their organizations and departments face.

In numerous client engagements over the past 20 years, including those situations described above, Advanced Technology Group has acted as that “trusted advisor” helping clients navigate the complexities of HIPAA, SEC, GLBA, FINRA and other regulatory guidelines while guiding their management in the alignment of technology with the business’ strategic and operational goals.

Our IT assessment and Virtual CIO services are designed to answer the following fundamental questions:

  • Does your current technology meet your compliance and business objectives and is that technology poised to support your future growth plans?
  • What are the human, technological, operational and compliance gaps that exist and how can we fill them in a cost efficient and effective manner that will help propel your business forward?
  • How can we leverage existing technology investments and the talents of internal IT teams to maximize the efficiency of a hybrid-IT approach to recommending products and services?
  • What products and services will deliver the highest return on investment while increasing the flexibility and adaptability of the business to competitive and technological pressures?

Our approach is a simple one:

  • Assess your current state of technology to establish both the strengths and weaknesses present in your current IT environment.
  • Obtain a clear understanding of your industry and its competitive landscape, as well as the unique strategic goals and objectives you have for your organization.
  • Determine where IT capabilities align with business and compliance objectives and also where gaps need to be filled.
  • Create a short-medium-and-long-term plan for those products and services necessary to close high priority gaps while acting as the foundation for future business growth.

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